RDG is the only company in the United States that offers a full-service XBRL outsourcing solution as its core competency. Our focus in this industry allows us to give you exactly what you need and what you pay for, not an add-on service. We currently service hundreds of public companies, ranging from Fortune 500 members to microcap companies, and covering all industries.

100% of the work is performed in RDG Filings corporate offices, by RDG employees, in the United States. We employ Certified Public Accountants and experienced auditing/accounting professionals to provide personal service to all of our clients.

We can produce all of your company’s required XBRL filings (Financials and Notes to Financials – with detailed tagging) in guaranteed compliance with current SEC and U.S. GAAP Taxonomy. (Please note that the SEC has not yet approved an IFRS Taxonomy for use on it’s filing system, when it does, RDG is already prepared for implementation).

The basics of our XBRL Program include:

  • Guaranteed Compliance with approved SEC Taxonomies
  • Unparalleled expertise and service
  • Level Three Data Security
  • Fastest turnaround-times in the industry
  • Quality Assurance Certification for companies utilizing in-house software

As with our EDGAR services, RDG offers flat-rate pricing for its XBRL Solutions. No “a la carte”, hourly fees or hidden charges. Just our sterling customer service and help with meeting your compliance needs.

By enrolling in RDG’s XBRL Program, your company does not need to buy software, continually hire and train new personnel or pay astronomical fees for XBRL Conversion to printers, accountants or consultants. RDG will work for you and with you, cutting out the hundreds of man hours associated with XBRL conversion and service throughout each Fiscal Year.

XBRL is not a printed item, and should be handled by experts in the electronic data industry. Each company is unique in filing needs, and customization is at the heart of what we do.

More information is available and we would be happy to set up a presentation for you and your staff. Please contact at 415.643.6017 or xbrl@rdgfilings.com


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